Stephen Book Technique

Stephen Book Technique

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  • Physical Doing ( Activity Doing, Job title, Relationship, Location contact, Location focus )
  • Physical Doing drills
  • Inner Doing ( Travelling, picking up from co-actor, talking with eyes)
  • Party Upset ( Taking turns for the camera)
  • Reflection walks
  • Offstage past, present, future
  • Subtext of Scene
  • Camera Acting
  • Practical on-camera acting using scenes
  • Physicalizing Emotions (Emotional Arcs, Scales & Switches)
  • Character Making (Reformed Bodies in space, Animals, Energy Centers, Boundaries)
  • Attitude Line Catalyst
  • Purpose of Scene (Conflict, Agreement, Story Point, Character revelation)
  • Monologues with Purpose of Scene (Auditioning Technique)
  • Getting Finesse with different scene work
  • Improv Scene work
  • 4 Play after Training every month

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