Eric Morris System

What Is Eric Morris System?

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The Eric Morris’ method recognizes the fact that actors have emotional blocks, tension, insecurities and other preventions to achieving a fundamental state of being, and works to clear these blocks, rendering the actor truly organic. In this sense, Morris stresses that “Acting is essentially living and being.

Using a number of methods developed by Morris, the class will explore a range of techniques and ideas related to seven major obligations including: 1) Time and Place, 2) Relationship, 3) Emotional Obligation, 4) Character Obligation, 5) Historic Obligation, 6) Thematic Obligation, 7) Subtextual Obligation.

After exploring these 7 obligations, there are choices that actors are able to utilize in order to render these emotions.

The Eric Morris technique is an important tool that is widely used by actors today. This course provides actors with the tools that are essential in order to explore the Morris Technique for Screen.

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