4 Weeks Acting Workshop

18-21 November & 23-26 November 2019

1) Eric Morris System : – Actors themselves are Instrument . The instrument is the actor replete with obstacles, blocks, dependencies, tension and a host of other issues that make him unable to be free to act. We will be working on exercises and techniques to address these problems and liberate the actor so that he can be “free to act”.Eric Morris System recognizes the fact that actors have emotional blocks, tension, insecurities and other preventions to achieving a fundamental state of being, and this works to clear these blocks, rendering the actor truly organic. In this sense, Morris stresses that acting is essentially living and being.Being is the bedrock to create reality.

2) Camera Acting :- Learn how to act on camera spontaneously when the director doesn’t allow any physical movement and the shots are close up. Learn the technique of
i)Traveling ( According to character) ii)Silence with camera/co-actor to give Dynamic and compelling closeup & authentic reaction shots.

3) Character Making :- Learn to Make characters using Animals & Reformed bodies in space along with Psychological Part & Attitde Line to create layered character , make dynamic choices and organize this choice in cohesive way.

4) Auditioning :- This is the most important part in actors life to get through the audition process .Enjoy the challenge of the audition process and take the fear out of cold readings. Learn how to handle your script and stay in the moment with authentic, relationship-driven behavior. Identify and hone your unique qualities and learn to bring your self to your acting work to create rich characters with vibrant relationships. Actors will work on-camera using a variety of scripted material. Understand the monologue according to point of view of the Author & perform to fulfill authors intention.

  • Eric Morris System
  • Camera Acting
  • Character Making
  • Auditioning