Why Indriyaan Theatre Group?

At ITG we focus personally on students by working on their instrument that is Mind, Body, Voice & Emotions so they can become colorful artist to deliver mesmerizing performances on stage & Camera. After the workshop we put you directly in theatre performances back to back so that you can master the skill set you learned during workshop, overcome any difficulties you are having while applying techniques with help of our coach and be better and better day by day. You must have five things utterly important to be successful actor like passion, burning desire to be actor, commitment, dedication and discipline.


Panchami Ghavri

Casting Director

Ashwin is a very sharp teacher he notices every little thing an actor does. The minute you leave the character in a scene even for a split second he knows! That’s what makes him such a good teacher. I had a good experience working with him!

Jamie Lever


I took the 4 day acting workshop with Indrian Theatre group thinking what could I possibly learn in such a short span, I was blown away by how much Ashwin sir put into this course, the amazing techniques, exercises & the discussion/ feedback sessions have really helped me grow as an actor & be honest with my art. I had a great time learning from Ashwin sir and I would highly recommend this to all aspiring actors!

Techniques We Teach

Eric Morris System


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Stephen Book Technique


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Sanford Meisner Technique


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Training Passionate Actors

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